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Implementing multiple bindings for OpenStack Networking ports. One would be hard pressed to point out a more fundamental function of OpenStack Networking (a.k.a. Neutron) than that of providing virtual ports and the process of binding them. It is through bound ports that virtual machines (instances) and higher level services like load balancers can access the virtual networking provided by Neutron. In this blog entry I want to provide an overview of that process we call port binding and then explain how and why we are implementing multiple port bindings to better support the migration of Nova instances. This work is being done for the ML2 plug-in, which is the reference Neutron core plug-in. The upshot is that all the ML2 based mechanism drivers that are not part of the Neutron code repository will also be enabled with multiple port bindings.

ML2 port binding. A port is an access point to a Neutron virtual network. Virtual machines, bare metal servers and higher level services use po…

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